Looking to Hire

We Represent Your Business

When you engage us to source candidates for you, we take on the responsibility of being the first impression those candidates have of your business. 

We take that responsibility seriously! 

We ensure every candidate (whether successfully placed or not) has a positive experience and will act in line with your business's values.

Understanding Your Culture

You and your teams spend a lot of time and effort creating a culture that suits your business needs. We seek to understand that culture and ensure the people we represent will be a positive addition.

Understanding Your Requirements

The technical and soft skills of each permanent and contract hire is key to your business success. We ensure we qualify your requirements thoroughly, enabling us to qualify candidates effectively and present you with a transparent analysis of their suitability.

Candidate Selection

We will only place people we truly believe will add value to the companies we work for, and that your business truly aligns with our candidate's priorities. Our mission is to add value to every company and person we work with.  

Your Recruitment PA

From the first meeting we will establish a communication strategy that works to your time limitations, whilst also helping you meet your deadlines. We will mutually agree a project plan that will ensure the least disruption to you, with maximum results.

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The Value

We work on a no placement, no fee basis.

This allows you to benchmark your direct hiring strategy for free, ensuring it has delivered the best candidate.

If our network produces a candidate you would not have found using direct hiring methods, we know we've added true value!